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Wednesday, February 22, 2017

How to Deploy new Azure environments from LCS

With the release of Dynamics 365 for operations (D365Ops), the use of LCS ( has become inevitable. And in a way that is good, LCS can be a really good tool if used correctly.

Anyhow, today I will write about Basic setup needed in order to deploy an Azure DEVTEST environment on LCS. And we will do by breaking down the steps into the below:
  1. Validating if you have the right access to deploy a D365Ops environment
  2. To create a new VSTS project and attaching it to the LCS project
  3. Creating a DEVTEST environment on Azure from LCS
Right access:
D365Ops is intended to be on cloud, for the same reason you need to have a account. This could be your personal or from your employer, basically subscribers to Office 365 business plans. (yourname)@(business) - Some help in here.

And this account of yours should be tagged with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for operations, only then you will see the option to even create a D365Ops LCS project.

When you open and click on "Create new project", you should see the options for "Dynamics 365 for Operations"

VSTS project and adding it to LCS:
Every Office 365 account seems to by default have the "Visual Studio Dev Essentials" attached to the profile. So you can always create your own Repository in VSO/VSTS. Just go to and create your own VSTS link.

Once you obtain that you just need to fill in the necessary details in the newly created D365Ops LCS project.

You will land on a new page where you would need to fill in details like:
  • Visual Studio Team Services site URL (same URL which you can obtained from
  • Visual Studio Team Service project - the project you choose
  • Also ensure that you give the necessary permissions by activating Your visual studio team services profile.
With all the details filled, you will be easily able to deploy the necessary virtual machines on Azure.

Creating DEVTEST D365Ops on Azure:
In LCS > Your project > under the Environments tab, just click the + button and you will be directed to select "Azure" or "Locally". Please select Azure and continue. And then you make a choice for DEVTEST, choose the appropriate version of D365Ops based on your Azure subscription and just proceed with the steps to create your own Azure environment.

Just wanted to share this post in order to illustrate that setting up your own environment is not so difficult anymore with D365Ops. Good luck and leave your comments/suggestions, if any.

Related errors:
The configured Azure Subscription AAD Tenant Domain for the Connector is invalid or non-existent. Please edit the Connector and provide the correct AAD Tenant Domain that the subscription is associated with. If the issue persists, please contact support with this Id: 7cc0840b-d33d-4857-83cc-fa3e90074d50

The above error means that the Azure subscription is not enabled with ARM (Azure Resource Manager) - more details in here.

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