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Saturday, July 4, 2015

Error 1001: During install of Dynamics AX components

Hello everyone.. 

Very rarely you might encounter an issue during installation of an AX component/AOS, where you typically get just an error message: "Error 1001" and nothing else. 

Reason: This is a generic issue, which seems to be caused with an improper uninstall. And the reason behind the scenes is that the corresponding registry entries are still present in the "CurrentControlSet" in Registry, even after you have uninstalled the components. 

Solution: There could be many ways to clean the Registry entries (regedit). However, my suggestion is to use the tool provided by Microsoft for resolving such issues. 
Link -

You can download and follow the steps provided by Microsoft to fix the wrong entries in registry and should be able to continue in your next install attempt.  

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