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Saturday, April 5, 2014

AX Menu items and how to create menu item

Menus Items
You can use menu items to activate application objects from the user interface.
Three types of menu items can be created:
• Display - used for forms
• Output - used for reports
• Action - used for running processes
Display Menu Items
Are used to open objects that appear on the screen, typically forms. For example, clicking the Customers menu item in the Accounts Receivable module opens the CustTableListPage form. This Display Menu item points to the Form object CustTableListPage.
There are two important Properties to notice.
• Object type = Form
• Object = CustTableListPage
How to: Create a Menu Item
Task: To create a menu item to open the AJ_BookTypeForm
To understand the example scenario - Go here
1. Open the AOT, expand the Menu Items node.
2. Open a second AOT and locate the AJ_BookTypeForm
3. Drag the AJ_BookTypeForm form to the Display node of the Menu Items node. A new display menu item is created.
4. In the properties sheet of the new menu item, set the label property to "Types of books".
5. Save your changes.

How to: Add a Menu Item to the Area Page
Task: to add the menu item created in the previous procedure to the area page. The main menu is comprised of a number of area pages. You will add your menu item to the AccountsReceivable area page.
1. Open the AOT, expand the Menus node.
2. Expand the AccountsReceivable menu.
3. Right-click the Setup sub-menu, and select New > Submenu. A new submenu Submenu1 is created.
4. In the properties sheet for the new submenu set the name property to "Library", and the label property to "Library details"
5. In a second AOT, locate the AJ_BookTypeForm menu item created in the previous procedure.
6. Drag the AJ_BookTypeForm menu item to the Library submenu.
7. Save your changes to the AccountsReceivable menu.
8. Open a new application workspace. The new submenu and the menu item are visible in the Accounts Receivable menu.
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