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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

How to: Create a New Table

Use the following step procedure to create a new table that will store the records for the BookType. There are two fields on the table called BookTypeID (type AJ_EDTBookTypeID), and Name (type Name).
To understand the example scenario - Go here

1. Open a new development workspace.
2. In the AOT, expand the Data Dictionary node.
3. Right-click the Tables node and select New Table. A new Table called Table1 is created.
4. Right-click Table1 and select Properties.
5. Modify the property Name to AJ_BookTypeTable
6. Modify the property Label to "Types of Books"
7. Close the property sheet.
8. Press Ctrl-D to open another AOT. Ensure window is not maximized by clicking the restore down button to enable you to view both AOT windows.
9. Expand the Data Dictionary node.
10. Expand the Extended Data Types node.
11. Locate the AJ_EDTBookTypeID EDT.
12. Drag the AJ_EDTBookTypeID EDT to the Fields node of the AJ_BookTypeTable table. A new field called AJ_EDTBookTypeID is created.
13. Right-click the AJ_EDTBookTypeID field and click Properties.
14. Note that the Extended Data type for this field is set to AJ_EDTBookTypeID
15. In the Name property, set the name of the field to AJ_BookTypeID
16. Close the property sheet.
17. Locate the Name EDT in the second AOT.
18. Drag the Name EDT to the Fields node of the AJ_BookTypeTable table. A new field called Name is created.
19. Save your changes to the table. When changes to a table are saved, Microsoft Dynamics AX automatically synchronizes the changes made within its Data Dictionary with SQL: this ensures that the definitions for the tables remain consistent at all times.
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