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Saturday, April 5, 2014

How to: Create a Form

To create a form that will be used to view, create and edit records in the AJ_BookTypeTable.

1. In the AOT, right-click the Forms node and select New Form.
2. Rename the form to AJ_BookTypeForm.
3. In a second AOT, locate the table AJ_BookTypeTable.
4. Drag the table AJ_BookTypeTable to the DataSources node on the AJ_BookTypeForm
5. Expand the Designs node on the AJ_BookTypeForm.
6. Right-click the Designs node and select New Control > Grid. A new Grid control is created.
7. Expand the DataSources > AJ_BookTypeForm > Fields node.
8. Drag the fields AJ_BookTypeID and Name to the grid control.
9. On the properties sheet for the Design node, in the Caption property, enter "Type of books".
10. Save your changes to the form.
To understand the example scenario - Go here 
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