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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ax 2012 SSRS Reporting concepts

The SSRS reporting concepts are very well explained in the below link, you can go through the same for a good understanding of SSRS with Dynamics Ax.

Below are few important related points listed and also the Reporting Services Overview slide.

Reporting services overview
The picture is self explantory and just to brief things up:
  • Basically a Report Model can contain Reports, Layout Templates, Table Style templates, Report Database etc..
  • And nodes which we can find under Report/Report Model are Datasets, Desgin, Parameters, Data methods and Images.
  • In Ax terms, a Datasets can be said to be a data source and collection of fields from data source.
  • And basically an Ax Query, SQL Data, OLAP data (cube) and a Data method can act as a Data source for a report
  • Design node of a Report/Report model will contain three major parts, namely, Header, Body and Footer.
  • And the Desgins can be of two types, namely Auto Design and Precision design.
    Dynamics Ax will take of the conversion form the Designs to RDL files, the format in which reports are stored in the SQL Database.

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Information collected from:
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