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Saturday, January 12, 2013

What is Verticals Strategy for Dynamics Ax

What is Verticals Strategy?
On a simple note, Verticals strategy for Dynamics Ax can be understood as strategic drive by Microsoft to provide (specific) global customers with a comprehensive and cost effective, end-to-end (their specific) solution for the market today.

In year 2009, Microsoft has announced for acquisitions of intellectual property designed to provide industry solutions across the below verticals:
  1. Manufacturing
  2. Food (a.k.a Distribution)
  3. Retail
  4. Professional services (a.k.a Services)
  5. Pharmaceuticals (a.k.a Public sector)

What is the purpose of this?
Partners will be able to focus on other more specialized functionality to serve companies that need additional customization (on top of Industry vertials provided by Microsoft), and will reduce their time to market and lower their investments.

By doing so, we will see in Dynamics AX as no longer just the platform provider, but also the major vertical solution provider as well. This will cause a shift in companies, like To-Increase, FullScope, etc. ISV's that had broad vertical focus, to switch gears, and focus into what is called Micro-verticals, that sit on top of these broader vertical offerings.

I don't have good understanding of Verticals/Industry solutions, trying to learn by sharing my ideas. Do post back/comment, if I was wrong anywhere. Thanks !

Information collected from ax-industries
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