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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Retail menu item goes missing after installation of DMF

If you have installed Ax 2012 Data migration framework on top of Microsoft Dynamics Ax 2012 R2 Final Release (Application version:, you might find a strange behavior. The retail module goes missing in the Navigation pane in Ax 2012.

The below figure illustrates what does I mean by saying missing nodes in Navigation bar.

And to identify the reason behind this, lets go to the Ax Development workspace and compare the Main menu under AOT\Menus.

So as seen in the above figure, the DMF installation clearly overwrites the MainMenu (fpk). This is the reason for the Retail & Payroll menus missing in the Navigation bar, also Fixed assets (Russia).

Solution: And to have the actual menus back, just overwrite the MainMenu (in usr or var layer) by adding the menu items back to the MainMenu. This should bring back the missing menu items.

Here, I only added "Retail" to the MainMenu (usr). And thus comparision only shows Retail added in user layer.

Hope this helps. Good luck !!

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