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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Issue with #CustomerTransaction_CustTrans macro after installing DMF

There is a known issue/error which pops up when we perform  CIL compile after installing the DMF beta 2.0.  The Error pops up is "CustomerTransaction_CustTrans macro doesn't exist.”

If you look into the class where error is thrown you will notice that in the new method of Class CustomerTransaction_CustTrans, the macro specified will be missing.

Even if you try to compile forward from 'AifDocument'. You will notice similar error.

Is this because of the new Ax2012 Data Migration Framework (Beta2) installation?

Yes. This issue is related to DMF installation.

The DMF axmodel seems to overwrite the macro "DataContainerTypes".  In the below screenshot, code in Blue belongs to actual SYS model (comes with proper installation of Dynamics Ax 2012 latest version). And FPK layer (code from DMF installation) overwrites the blue code. And caused the above mentioned error.

The solution would be to compare the macro with FPK and SYS layer and to take some code into VAR/USR layer.
Code to be moved:         

But after bringing the Macro to the upper layer we might have to do the below:  compile effected objects and generate Full CIL.
And that should solve the issues and you should not have any more errors.

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