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Saturday, October 13, 2012

Three tier architecture of Microsoft Dynamics Ax (Axapta)

In Microsoft Dynamics Ax, there is a 3-tier infrastrcuture with,
  1. a database server
  2. an application object server (AOS)
  3. and a client.
The following illustration shows the three-tier architecture:

Three-tier architecture of Dynamics Ax

Few Advantage of tier architecture are as below:
  • when we seperate the application data from the application objects, it is easier to distribute upgrade versions of your application. This is because you can distribute forms, queries, classes and reports that are based on the same set of underlying tables without affecting application data.
  • Seperate data from other application objects can reduce network load.
  • You can use the AOS for sharing objects and information to multiple clients as an effective tool to increase performance.
Note: We can always install all the above three listed in a single computer - Single box setup. Or choose to install seperately the Database server, the Application Object server and multiple clients, all connected to the Database and Application server. - Multi box setup.
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