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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Dynamics Ax 2012 Layers Order illustration

The below is an illustration for a better understanding of the Order of Layers in Dynamics Ax. The bottom layer is the core layer and each layer overwrites other from Bottom to Top respectively.

Three layers available only to Microsoft to deliver the base application
Layer Description
SYS, SYP System layer: The standard application is developed in this lowest layer. This includes the core application and the localization for most countries.
GLS, GLP Globalization layer: Includes features developed for some countries that were not yet moved into the SYS layer
FPK, FPP Feature Pack layer: Includes industry feature packs that are controlled by Microsoft.
Three layers available to partners and ISVs
SLN, SLP Solution layer: Includes Microsoft endorsed industry solutions.
ISV, ISP Independent Software Vendor layer: Includes generic or vertical solutions developed by ISV's.
VAR, VAP Value Added Reseller layer: Includes multi-customer solutions developed by VAR's.
Two layers available to both partners and customers who have a license to access the AX source code
CUS, CUP Customer layer: Includes customer specific functionality.
USR, USP User layer: Includes installation specific functionality and customizations

Couple of Benefits of Layers in Dynamics Ax are:
  1. Source code Protection
  2. Faster and Easier Upgrades 
Other Internal link: Layers in MS Dynamics AX
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